About Clara


Clara Collings has devoted the past 15 years to self-discovery and healing through spiritual practice and embodiment. She has received training in various holistic bodywork techniques, including deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, and tantric massage. She is well-versed in energy healing practices such as Reiki and is a student of Vortex healing. Additionally, Clara runs her own business selling energy harmonisation tools. Her greatest joys include connecting with her community, being among her tree family, dancing and embracing her animal body. She is an Amma Devotee and is inspired to make Love & Devotion her guiding force. 

Clara’s life has been significantly influenced by a traumatic childhood but these adverse experiences can be seen as a crucible for her personal growth and fueled her desire to support others. 

In 2021 she had an intensive Kundalini awakening during a Tantra training and went on to experience what is termed as ‘Kundalini Syndrome.’ Her body was vigorously seeking to release stored trauma and at times this was overwhelming for her nervous system. Finding KAP later that same year took her on a transformational path to healing and renewal. The transmission of KAP through its multi-lineage of non-duality and embodiment grounded her, provided support, aligned her with the practice of surrendering, opening her to the profound gifts and blessings of her Kundalini experience.

She vividly recalls this life-changing experience during her first session which was an online class with Phillippa Gail, she felt the energy enter through the crown of head, mix with her own rising Kundalini and create what felt like an informed body intelligence, that organised her energy system. It was a profound moment and the curious thing was that she found the camera had switched itself off halfway through the transmission, illustrating the power of this energy to work outside of time space limitations. 

The transformative effects of KAP have played a crucial role in Clara’s healing journey, offering her a sense of lightness, freedom and a renewed connection with her authentic self. As Venant comments, –  ‘healings isn’t the goal of Kap but it can be a positive side effect”

Clara now embraces the opportunity to offer transmission sessions to others, fueled by a sense of gratitude for the transformative energy it embodies. She finds immense joy in witnessing the profound shifts and awakenings it ignites within individuals. For her, guiding others through the Kundalini Activation transmission is not just a role but a sacred calling—a journey of self-discovery and spiritual expansion where participants come to realise the inherent connection between the Self and Divinity.