What happens during a session

Before the transmission I will introduce the process and details the range of potential experiences. These can span from sensations of heat and cold traversing the body, activations of the third eye characterised by vivid colours or intricate patterns in the mind’s eye, to emotional releases and profound feelings of bliss. Participants might also engage in spontaneous movements, yoga poses, and mudras throughout the session. 

Participants will prepare for the transmission by lying on yoga mats with their gaze focused inwards, I will guide them through grounding and relaxation techniques, Guiding the focus throughout the session on embodiment and developing awareness of the felt senses in and around the body.

A musical journey accompanies the one-hour transmission, where I channel to the group as a whole and individually whilst sometimes offering direct touch to chakra or meridian points. 

Following the transmission, there is an integration period which allows time for reflections, group shares and post-class recommendations.

How to prepare for an in-person group session

Please watch Venant’s short film — it is a transmission and will prepare your energy system.

Please check if there are yoga mats available at your venue. Bring a blanket if it’s during the cooler months temperature changes during class is very common.

Wear comfortable layered clothing that you can move easily in, no underwired garments please.

Arrive with an empty stomach eat only a light meal 2+ hours before the session this will support the energy to flow more easily.

Come with an open mind, with no expectations or intentions for the session. The path of Kundalini is that of surrender do your best to open into the Grace of the experience.

Aim to have a gentle day after the session this will support the integration of the upgraded energies in your system. 

Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 24 hours.

Individual sessions

Clara offers one-to-one sessions which are scheduled at a mutually convenient time. These sessions can take place either at her studio in Bristol or at your preferred location.

This personalised approach can enhance the effectiveness of the session, ensuring that it meets your specific needs and supports your individual journey more fully. During the session, Clara focuses solely on your energy system, providing a deeper exposure to the energy transmission. The benefits of personalised sessions include focused attention on your individual energy flow, as well as on any blockages that may be present.

For some, exploring Kundalini energy in a private setting feels more comfortable and secure. One-on-one sessions offer a confidential and supportive environment where some clients feel more surrendered and free to express themselves and explore their inner experiences without being in a group field.

One-Day Intensive

Participating in a one-day intensive offers participants a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the transformative power of Kundalini activation energy. Here are some key benefits of attending an event:

  • Extended Transmissions: With two extra-long transmissions throughout the day this offers more exposure to the transmission energies and can facilitate the potential for deeper and more profound experience. 
  • Retreat Atmosphere: By retreating from daily life for a full day, participants can create a supportive environment for their spiritual practice. Removing oneself from distractions and responsibilities allows for greater focus, introspection, and surrender to the transformative process. 
  • Opportunity for Surrender: The extended duration can facilitate a deeper level of surrender, allowing participants ample time to drop any mental, emotional, and physical barriers. Breaking through previous boundaries enhances their receptivity to the higher frequencies available in the transmission. 
  • Personal Growth and Development: The transformative effects of Kundalini activation can catalyse shifts in consciousness, release old patterns, and awaken latent potentials, leading to greater self-awareness and spiritual evolution.
  • Community and Support: Participating in a Kundalini activation retreat brings individuals together in a shared journey of exploration and transformation. The sense of community and support can provide a network of like-minded individuals for ongoing growth and connection.

Online sessions

This class is open to everyone, whether you are new to this process or have already been activated. For some, online sessions better suit their needs because of their physical location in the world, time restraints or perhaps they feel more relaxed and able to surrender in their own environment. The boundless nature of energy allows it to transcend physical barriers, facilitating transformation across vast distances. Through zoom, individuals can tap into the profound potential of the Kundalini transmission and experience its benefits regardless of their location or other factors.

A Zoom link will be sent to you after booking along with instructions of how to prepare yourself and your space. The main requirements are having a good internet connection, use of either a speaker or headphones and a private space where you can lie down undisturbed.

How to prepare for an online session

Prepare before you join the class — being relaxed and ready at the begin of class will support you to get the best out of the session

Please link to Zoom a few minutes before the class so we can begin together on time

Position your camera so your whole body can be seen on the floor. Please use a yoga mat for extra comfort.

Make sure your speaker or headphones are connected.

Please silence all notifications on your device to minimise distractions.


After a Kundalini activation session, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water to further aid in detoxification and the flushing out of old energies that may have been released during the class.

Remember, the energy remains in your system for the following days, continuing to offer higher frequencies. As the system embraces these, it can initiate the gradual unravelling and breaking down of old patterns. Though this might be initially disorienting, it marks a positive shift towards operating from a more profound connection with ourselves. Consequently, our relationships with others and the world around us may undergo transformation as we engage with life more authentically.

Engaging in Kundalini transmission work can bring to light aspects of ourselves that have remained in the shadows, yearning to be acknowledged and integrated with love and compassion. It’s important to recognise that while Kundalini activation can be profoundly beneficial, it is not a substitute for therapy. Therefore, it’s essential to seek additional support if needed, especially if new challenges arise after a session.

Following a session, insights may emerge, prompting us to recognise the significance of self-care, whether through seeking therapy or nurturing overlooked aspects of ourselves. This support might involve caring for the physical body through dietary adjustments, seeking out bodywork, or engaging in expressive activities like singing or dancing.

Pay close attention to your body’s needs and approach any life changes with gentleness and care. Remember, the process of integration isn’t always straightforward — it may have twists and turns. By embracing surrender and acknowledging our connection to something greater than ourselves, we can tap into a powerful resource for growth and understanding